Artist / DJ / Producer / Urban Rock n Roll Lyricist with a style founded with the elements of Hip Hop, Reggae & Dance music was born & raised in the Boogie Down Bronx.


Undefinable One Tabou TMF began his music career writing rhymes with neighborhood friends while in Jr. High then became a DJ, honing his skills with Hip-Hop, R&B Disco & Rock vinyl in his teens then falling in love with its cousin Reggae becoming a popular DJ/Selector going from playing house parties to clubs to traveling internationally as a soundman.  Which is where he gets his Undefinable  Style of infused music that’s steady growing & evolving.

Undefinable One Tabou TMF says: “I believe my style is in a state of perpetual growth, my love of all great music is unlimited hence the Undefinable Flow”  His main goals with music are to have fun, and grow as an artist & producer. He says “I desire to make great music that people can enjoy & feel good while there vybing to it. I am about spreading love thru music, with my experience as A DJ I know people like to dance, smile & release stress. That’s the feeling I give as other artists do for me.”

When asked how far does he plan to take the music? He says “All The Way.” Explore Music, Mixes, Mashups and More Here @ and Follow @TABOUTMF & @IAMTABOUTMF on Twitter. Like Undefinable One Tabou on Facebook and Connect on Soundcloud, Reverbnation,The DJ List & Mixcloud.