Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith Playbill
I saw Leap of Faith this weekend April 21st at the St. James Theater and it is very awesome and inspiring.
Leap of Faith Playbill
Raul Esparza did a superb job as Jonas Nightingale throughout the night and my other favorites in the show are Isaiah played by Leslie Odom Jr. his voice is smooth, strong and the performances powerful.

Raul Esparaza - Jonas Nightingale in Leap of Faith

Raul Esparza

Leslie Odom Jr - Isaiah Sturdevant in Leap Of Faith

Leslie Odom Jr

The sexy and intelligent Sheriff Marla played by Jessica Phillips is terrific as well as Jonas’s Firecracker sister Sam played by Kendra Kassebaum.

Jessica Phillips as Marla McGowan in Leap Of Faith on Broadway

Jessica Phillips

Kendra Kassebaum as Sam Nightingale in Leap of Faith on Broadway

Kendra Kassebaum

Ornella who is Isaiah’s sister played by Krystal Joy Brown & Ida Mae his mother played by Kecia Lewis-Evans shined in their roles as the outstanding members of Angels of Mercy

Krystal Joy Brown as Ornella Sturdevant in Leap of Faith on Broadway

Krystal Joy Brown

Kecia Lewis-Evans as Ida Mae Sturdevant in Leap Of Faith on Broadway

Kecia Lewis-Evans

Jake played by Talon Ackerman interweaves moments of hope, delight, and laughter throughout the show.

Talyor Ackerman as Jake in Leap of Faith on Broadway

Talyor Ackerman

The energy in the building was excellent and we all ended the night cheering with a roaring standing ovation for the full energetic and charismatic cast who together gave 110%.It was most definitely a fun & memorable evening full of Music, Dancing, Singing & Smiling & Laughing.