Super Bowl XLVII – Beyoncé Stuns, Jones Shocks, Lights Out, San Fransisco Re-surges… and the Real Winner is…

Super Bowl XLVII - 2013 - New Orleans

Super Bowl XLVII – Beyoncé Stuns, Jones Shocks, Lights Out, San Fransisco Re-surges… History is Made ! and the Real Winner is….

The Winner of The Super Bowl - BeyonceBeyoncé takes the stage at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans halftime with a star front cut top leather and lace outfit with legs standing firm and flowing hair!

Beyonce's awesome live performance on stage @ Super Bowl XLVII(Photo: Getty Images)

The stage is set with a great design as she starts off with “Baby its you, You put my Love On Top then Crazy in Love, End of Time and then comes the exploding flaming guitar!

fgorigin (Image via Timothy Burke/

The bounce begins to change to reggae and the caribbean culture is represented at the Superbowl Beyoncé says “Wine yuh Waist” and does so as Baby Boy the song that features Sean Paul  comes on with mixes of Bam Bam Riddim & before breaking out into a Dutty Wine dance made famous by Tony Matterhorn with some head swinging, hair flying and awesome visual effects.

Beyonce Performing Baby Boy @ The Super Bowl 2013

The performance proceeds to escalate with the rising pop up jump of Michelle Williams & Kelly Rowland joining her and going into Bootylicious & Independent Women from Charlies Angels gets a “good morning angels” call as an outro and follows up with the smash hit Single Ladies anthem as Michelle and Kelly set it off with her and then depart the stage and ending a great set with Halo !

Beyonce Rocking The Super BowlIf you missed it or want to see it again check out the full video here.

The game starts back up and Jones makes an Incredible kick off return “109 yard run in 11 seconds” making Superbowl history. The world is stunned and then a little while later poof the lights go out ! What !!! Half the superdome lit up… half in the dark its approx a 35 min delay until all the power is restored and the game resumes. The 49ers begin to make a super comeback scoring 17 points in approx 4mins and 10 seconds. By 10:04 pm #7 for the 49ers made “the longest run by a QB” and scores another touchdown for the 49ers now the score became 31 Baltimore Ravens – 29 San Fransisco 49ers and they decided to go for the two pints and no good… more plays excitement and at 10:45 pm est they announce officially The Ravens have won it Final score 34 – 31 with great teamwork & awesome playing by both teams and Ultimately on Top Joe Flacco and Ray Lewis

Another exciting game and one for the record books history is made in 2013 with the biggest winners of the night the Music & Entertainment fans + Beyoncé, Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson. She posted this via Instagram

Beyonce Superbowl Post from Instagram

Oh and of course the commercials… which is your favorite?