iamtaboutmf_Soulful Sunday Jetset Lifestyle

Happy Soulful Sunday from #TeamUndefinable – Live Life & Travel In Style.

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iamtaboutmf.com Fashion Friday Quote - “Know first who you are Then adorn yourself accordingly”

Happy Fashion Friday – “Know first who you are, Then…

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iamtaboutmf.com - fashion friday quote by marc jacobs

Happy Fashion Friday from #TeamUndefinable “Clothes mean nothing until someone …

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Throwback Thursday - Bayo and Tabou TMF aka Undefinable One chilling in the Studio

#ThrowbackThursday – Chilling in the studio Tabou TMF aka Undefinable One with Bayo aka Mr Outabounds. We had the Plain White Tee’s in effect, always clean & fresh. – Team Undefinable #tbt

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iamtaboutmf_Have a Sexy Saturday

Happy Sexy Saturday Take some time to unwind, relax and enjoy your day today.   #TeamUndefinable   Click here to join the mailing list for exclusives and updates.   Follow @TABOUTMF on Twitter & Instagram TABOUTMF Like Undefinable One aka … Read more

iamtaboutmf_fashionquote_Gore Vidal

“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.”

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"Elegance is a question of personality more than ones clothing" - Jean-Paul Faultier

Happy Fashion Friday ! “Elegance is a question of personality more than ones clothing” – Jean-Paul Gaultier … Read more