The Pirates – Band of Misfits in 3D

My son and I went to see The Pirates Band of Misfits at the AMC Empire Theatre on 42nd st in New York the day before his 15th birthday on April 22nd 2012 after standing in line for a few min’s in a light mist on a Sunday morning. In front of me was a father with his young daughter in arms & behind me a mother with her children explaining to one who was eager to go inside “I’m not in control.”  They soon announced they were ready we began to move inside quickly and took our assigned comfortable seats.

The Pirates! Band of Misfits in 3D

We were all treated to a delightful introduction by the movies director Peter Lord as he thanked all in attendance for coming out, Sony for believing in his idea, and his team of 350+ creative people who helped bring this movie to life. Also sitting near us in attendance was Hugh Grant who starred in the Movie as the Voice of the Pirate Captain.

I enjoyed the movie a lot, in between the laughs I was mostly grinning all the way thru which made for a great time in retrospect, because I was fully immersed in the movie experience with other people which is one of the things I love about theatre showings, phones off, no other major distractions though I love to sometimes relax and watch a good movie at home there’s nothing like that “at the movies” experience shared with others.

The Pirates Band of Misfits & Crew - The Movie Cast

I loved the story and the sense of friendship shared between the Captain and his crew as they went on their adventures of plundering, blundering and discovering. My son said “It wasn’t as funny as other people think it was. But, the cool thing about it is their adventure to go get their friend back” and he gives it three stars… Spending time with him & the fact I wasn’t aware before seeing the movie that it is Aardman’s 1st stop-motion feature to be shot in digital and the first shot in 3-D made it much more amazing to me. Kudos to the creative team. – Tabou TMF